Dinoflagellates are a problem to have in your aquarium for two main reasons: A)     The vast majority of commonly found Dinoflagellates in marine aquariums are toxic to most forums organisms that you will keep in a marine aquarium, B)      The can cover/coat corals to the point of stress them and even killing them, Actions to take to deal with Dinoflagellates. Never ever stop as we can get you the money!!!! So in one article you say carbon dosing for low nutrient water will cause die off of dinos, and in the other on you say dinos may feed on carbon (or vodka). In addition, there are just as many types of dinos as well. Feb 26, 2017 #2 wkscott Well-Known Member View Badges. Joined Dec 7, 2013 Messages 965 When used in salt water will not harm snails, clams, scallops, shrimp, anemones, sea cucumbers, feather dusters, … Thoroughly mix AlgaeFix into pond water by adding near the pump outflow, waterfall, or aeration device. 3)      Increase and maintain the pH to 8.3 to 8.5. Eliminating harmful and ugly dinoflagellates remains one of the most common—and challenging—tasks for the marine aquarist. As there are over 2,000 different types of Dinoflagellates, knowing which course of action to take can be a little difficult as one method that would quickly kill-off one species of Dinoflagellates will not slightly affect another. Dinoflagellates of the genus Symbiodinium(=zooxanthellae) are known for their role in a number of symbiotic associations with mainly tropical marine invertebrates, including corals, clams, and sea anemones (Trench, 1987). ”, And in this one that talk about carbon dosing (https://www.reefaquarium.com/2012/carbon-dosing-in-laymans-terms/) FREE Shipping. Add 1 teaspoon of AlgaeFix for every 50 gallons of pond water or 1/2 cup for every 1,200 gallons (1 ounce treats 300 gallons). If you do see progress after 4 to 5 weeks with the above steps, there are a few other things you can try. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 4. This can help filter out any free floating dinoflagellates from the water that your skimmer may not remove. 3.7 out of 5 stars 22. We must work together in a forum lacking the absence of egoism and let’s figure out that which hasn’t been figured out and that which has. The will start to coat object inside your aquariums as well as / or coating the aquarium glass. Toxicity. Eric, just like you named Vincent a somebody, the author is a somebody as well. Anyone using it . God bless WorLD CORALS, Jeff Fox and the rest!!! 4 Comments, Tags: brown slime algae, Dinoflagellates, Dinos. This is a gamble filled with more then ample minds. The balance is not 0. ... since you started dosing Algaefix have you gone back to carbon dosing. This has been said many times, there must be a balance between PO4 and NO3. Algaefix; PondCare AlgaeFix® is a liquid algae-control product for use in ornamental fish ponds and water gardens containing live plants and fish. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 7)      Use a 200 micron filter sock in your set-up. https://www.reefaquarium.com/2012/dealing-with-nasty-algae-break-outs/, http://www.saltcorner.com/AquariumLibrary/browsesection.php, Posted in nuisance algae Feeding every second day for extended periods of time will not harm or effect the health of your fish, 5)      Manually remove as much of the Dinoflagellates as possible every day. - Control personal contact by using protective equipment as required. The reefs are dying and we are doing are best to create the most beautiful and exotic coral and fish this worlds has ever seen. Description API Pond Algaefix is a powerful water treatment that helps keep algae growth under control for your underwater sidekicks. In addition, it will help to keep your carbon dioxide levels low. $77.00 $ 77. Sometimes the common sold bacteria can out compete dinoflagellates for certain resources in the water. Pond Care Algaefix – 32oz $ 24.99. Using a good phosphate remover and carbon dosing are the two of the most common approaches to achieve this. While funny, that is somewhat accurate. Algaefix can be safely used with activated carbon, GFO, protein skimming, carbon dosing and other mechanical filtration. AlgaeFix can be mixed in a bucket of … M.-O. API Marine AlgaeFix should be used weekly to control algae growth, as part of regular care to reduce aquarium maintenance. This prevents most ciliates from preying on them and control their expansion. The best advice that I can give you is to have a properly planned tank and to have your water parameters in line at all times. Hi, I’ve just noticed there’s a contradiction between two articles. CAUTION: Do not use with freshwater crustaceans including shrimp, crabs, and lobsters. In this one (https://www.reefaquarium.com/2013/dealing-with-dinoflagellates/) you say “Using a good phosphate remover and carbon dosing are the two of the most common approaches to achieve this. Did someone find out there is a … API Algaefix Marine 16oz API Marine Algaefix controls many types of algae growth in marine (saltwater) and reef aquariums, including Green algae, “Red Slime,” and “Brown Algae” in aquariums containing live corals, invertebrates, and fish. Reply Like Reply. It is one of the largest dinoflagellates that can be found in our aquarium, reaching up to 60 µm in its elongated part. Algaefix. As dinoflagellates will use trace elements from the water, the theory is that stopping water changes, you can eventually starve them out. 4.6 out of 5 stars 32. It's specially designed for areas where the water is contained without any outflow like synthetically lined ponds, water gardens and fountains. Add 1 ml. You can use ALGAEFIX algae control as part of your aquarium maintenance routine to control the formation of new algae.

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