} "https://www.agweek.com/incoming/6815174-ckxnhw-BOA32.jpg/alternates/BASE_LANDSCAPE/BOA32.jpg", function getCookie(cName) { Identify how people use natural resources to produce goods and services. T1.K-2.a Describe how farmers/ranchers use land to grow crops and support livestock. var expires = "expires=" + date.toUTCString() + ";"; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(script); _sf_async_config.domain = domain; Include in the discussion what the weather is like in each season and what the students enjoy doing during the season. Enjoy! "https://www.agweek.com/incoming/6815217-obnotp-BOA43.jpg/alternates/BASE_LANDSCAPE/BOA43.jpg", I do like that you can sort of see the windbreak peeking out." Describe the diverse cultural makeup of Iowa’s past and present in the local community, including indigenous and agricultural communities. and leaders about the importance of the Iowa agriculture industry. This map shows the beginning of the growing season globally in 2019 based on satellite data through NASA’s land surface phenology product. var script = document.createElement("script"); (Brittany Vaughn), Canadian harvest evening. SS.2.12. The trusted source for new and used tractors, combines, and all makes of used farm equipment and implements. Maple Valley Anthon-Oto Elementary, Title I/Reading Recovery teacher. (Chip Grube), The attached photo was taken by me near Minto, ND on our family farm. The following calendar is an attempt to show some of the various activities that will be taking place on farms throughout the year. He took the photo on the first day of soybean harvest. _sf_async_config.flickerControl = false; Beauty of agriculture shines through in all seasons Even in the hardest years, farming and ranching reveal the beauty in summer sun and winter snow and certainly under the rainbow. Not so long ago, there were only a handful of people who thought this was possible. // Cookie doesn't exist. Curious little creatures, this one came over to check me out. By making a donation to IALF, you will help educate Iowa’s future consumers, voters These farmers will try to have all of their cows calve in a short window in the spring of the year. As stated earlier, some beef calves will be born in the fall. e.src = '//static.chartbeat.com/js/chartbeat_video.js'; "https://www.agweek.com/incoming/6815240-qe422r-BOA54.JPG/alternates/BASE_LANDSCAPE/BOA54.JPG" "name": "Jenny Schlecht" var a = axel * 10000000000000; She took it at the beginning of harvest on a day where they were able to keep cutting through several short downpours. "https://www.agweek.com/incoming/6815194-7s8tm9-BOA39.jpg/alternates/BASE_LANDSCAPE/BOA39.jpg", document.write('
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