The county seat is Mount Olivet, a fifth class city which received its charter from the state on March 18, 1871. The Louisville Regional Airport Authorities began expansion in the late 80's and early 90's. Other amenities of the City include a walking trail, ball park and basketball court. We have a number of churches in town so you can practice your faith or catch a church social. Fleming; Lewis; Mason; Robertson; Bracken, Bracken; Fleming; Lewis; Mason; Robertson, Bullitt, Bullitt County, 40110, 40129, 40165Bullitt, Butler, Butler County, 42261, 42201, 42219, 42252, 42273, 42288Butler. The Oklahoma Municipal League provides library and reference services to its members. Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District, Bell; Clay; Harlan; Jackson; Knox; Laurel; Rockcastle; Whitley, Cumberland Valley Area Development District, Cumberland Valley Children's Advocacy Center, Adair; Casey; Clinton; Cumberland; Green; McCreary; Pulaski; Russell; Taylor; Wayne, Clay; Jackson; Laurel; Lee; Rockcastle; Owsley; Wolfe, Daviess County; Owensboro; 42301; 42303; 42304; 42302; 42334; 42355; 42376; 42366; 42356; 42377; 42378Daviess. Pending legislation, proposed regulations, boundary issues, personnel issues, and recent court cases are regular issues monitored by KMUA. You can see how sightseeing is a must! It was named for Judge Robert Trimble, a native of Virginia who came to Kentucky at the age of three. And because our economy is strong, and businesses continue to expand and relocate to Warren County, we are a place where students can find a good job once they graduate. The area also offers an unusual group of sites and attractions for visitors to enjoy. KLC Financial Services provides low interest loans and municipal finance strategies to Kentucky cities and municipal agencies. Metcalfe County has small town charm and is within a short drive to several larger cities. 40515; The Kentucky Department for Local Government website is designed to provide a user interface for information regarding Kentucky's counties, cities and special districts This web site is designed to assist you by answering frequently asked questions, outlining procedures for many of the transactions processed by the clerk's office, and providing the ability to download forms that you may need. Ballard county, 42087, 42056, 42024, 42022Ballard. Historic downtown Stanford is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. See below for a list of all county clerks, or search for a county via the search box to the right. Ohio County is located in the central portion of western Kentucky. It is the responsibility of this office to seek justice on behalf of the people of the Commonwealth in an efficient and professional manner. Info Group is a big data and marketing services company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. 40504; Grant County Kentucky Court Directory. It is the smallest county in population, and the second smallest in area with one hundred square miles of land. All rights reserved. 41557; Our booming little city is just the right place to work and raise a family without sacrificing the values of the small town environment. COVID-19 Alert – For the latest information on the novel coronavirus in Kentucky, please visit The City was incorporated in 1960 and was formerly known as The City of Minor Lane Heights. Places allows you to see where your friends are and share your location in the real world. From 1870 - 1900, Oakland was a railroad boomtown and major shipping point for locally grown tobacco, grain, and livestock. We strive to provide a helpful customer friendly office. 41543; The county was named in honor of Court of Appeals Chief Justice George Robertson. He studied law and served in the legislature before becoming a member of the United States Supreme Court. Nelson County has been home to many historic figures and buildings with Federal Hill being the most noticable of the structures in the County and is featured on the 2002 Kentucky State Quarter. Kentucky State Government Employees - Welcome! The city park is well lighted and offers a walking track, outdoor swimming pool, safe playground equipment and a selection of choices for physical fitness advocates. Kenton County is named after the pioneer settler General Simon Kenton (1755-1836) who helped to settle the Northern Kentucky / Cincinnati area in the late 18th century. Its county seat is home to the Hindman Settlement School, founded as America's first settlement school. We are located in southern Kenton County, primarily along state route 177. DBE’s certified in one state may be used for any DOT federal aid project in the partner state. We provide Kentucky's community-owned and controlled utilities with the information, resources, and support they need to deliver the highest quality essential services to their customers. 40118; 40059; 40202; 40201; 40207; 40213; 40212; 40215; 40214; 40209; 40208; 40211; 40210; 40287; 40285; 40290; 40289; 40281; 40280; 40283; 40282; 40291; 40297; 40296; 40299; 40298; 40293; 40292; 40295; 40294; 40253; 40252; 40256; 40255; 40245; 40243; 40251; 40250; 40257; 40269; 40268; 40272; 40270; 40259; 40258; 40266; 40261; 40018; 40041; 40027; 40025; 40023 41819; Boone County P.O. Duties include registering vehicles, keeping and recording various legal records, issuing game and fish licenses, registering and purging voter rolls, along with conducting election duties. Like our first settlers, we still have that pioneer spirit. IRS Issues Retroactive Extensions Learn how they will affect Kentucky Individual Income Tax. As a tourist site, the County offers many attractions. With an international reputation for hospitality, our aim is to make all citizens, businesses and visitors feel that they are part of and welcome in our county. Through this page you can find experienced lawyers across the United States, ready to assist you with your legal needs. The Clerk's Office provides a number of services to the citizens of Ohio County--our well-trained deputies are here to provide friendly, courteous and efficient service, and to make your visit to the clerk's office a very pleasant one. Our small town friendliness complements our mission in providing a variety of activities and various types of entertainment for everyone. Reach hundreds of City Managers and decision makers across the Commonwealth. Cadiz strives to managing City Government with integrity, accountability, and efficiency while providing the citizens of Cadiz with the highest quality public safety, public works, and administrative support possible. We are an instrument of the City of Augusta, the City of Brooksville, and the Bracken County Fiscal Court for the purpose of ownership, planning, development, improvement, acquisition, financing, construction, operation and management of any and all components associated with wastewater collection, pumping, transmission mains and treatment facilities. Kentucky Communities Economic Opportunity Council Inc. Kentucky Council of Area Development Districts, Kentucky County Judge Executive Association, Kentucky High School Athletic Association, Fulton; Graves; Hickman; McCracken; Calloway; Caldwell; Christian; Butler; Edmonson; Hart; Daviess; Hancock; Henderson; Hopkins; Ballard; Carlisle; McLean; Muhlenberg; Ohio; Union; Webster; Crittenden; Livingston; Lyon; Marshall; Todd; Trigg; Allen; Logan; Simpson; Warren; Barren; Metcalfe; Green; Taylor, Breathitt; Knott; Lee; Leslie; Letcher; Owsley; Perry; Wolfe, Kentucky River Children's Advocacy Center, Kentucky River District Health Department, Knott; Lee; Leslie; Letcher; Owsley; Perry; Wolfe, Kentucky River Foothills Development Council, Knott county; 41844; 41847; 41839; 41843; 41862; 41861; 41859; 41836; 41759; 41772; 41743; 41725; 41740l 41831; 41834; 41828; 41817; 41822Knott, Knox county; 40921; Please use this website as a resource to connect with Kentucky county clerks. 40574; 41524; The Kentucky Department for Local Government website is designed to provide a user interface for information regarding Kentucky's counties, cities and special districts Members of the Kentucky Senate welcome questions and feedback from people throughout the state. Jefferson County Soil Conservation District, Jessamine county; 40390; 40339, 40356; 40340Jessamine, Johnson county; 41204; 41226; 41234; 41222; 41219; 41216; 41263; 41260; 41274; 41271; 41268; 41265; 41257; 41254; 41240; 41238; 41255; 41256Johnson, Kenton county; 41025; 41019, 41051; 41063; 41053; 41018; 41014; 41015; 41011; 41012; 41017; 41016Kenton, Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency, Clark; Trimble; Floyd; Henry; Oldham; Jefferson; Shelby; Spencer; Bullitt, Kentucky Association of Children's Advocacy Centers, Kentucky Association of Regional Programming, Kentucky Association of Sexual Assault Programs. 41564; Frankfort is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the seat of Franklin County. Carrollton Carroll County Recreation Tourism and Convention Commission, Carter, 41143, 41146, 41164, 41128, 41132, 41142, 41173, 41181Carter. 41824; In the southwest, Union County is separated from Crittenden County by the Tradewater River. 41517; Please note that DBE’s will need to follow the project State’s prequalification laws. Automobiles are licensed. With Interstate 75 in close proximity, it is just a matter of time before Corinth realizes its growth and prosperity.​​. Located in the beautiful Pennyrile Region of Kentucky, we invite you to explore our natural beauty of the Upper Cumberland hills, the Cumberland River, the headwaters of the Barren River, great recreational opportunities, as well as the hospitality of a slower paced lifestyle of rural Kentucky. Named for Major Silas Harlan who came from Virginia to Kentucky in 1774. There are many other tasks to assist Lewis County residents. Along its northern and western borders, for a distance of approximately 36 miles, the Ohio River flows in majestic curves. Morgan County, Kentucky, was established in 1822 from Floyd and Bath Counties. The population was 2,010 at the 2010 census. Flemingsburg Fleming County Dispatch Board, Floyd county; 41649; 41647; 41667; 41669; 41643; 41642; 41640; 41645; 41653; 41651; 41659; 41655; 41773; 41666; 41660; 41650; 41636; 41605; 41606; 41601; 41604; 41612; 41607; 41616; 41615; 41630; 41622; 41635; 41631; 41621; 41619; 41621; 41619; 41602; 41603Floyd. Court of Appeals. Hopkins County  is unique in that it is a community that offers the security and friendliness of a small town while at the same time it has abundant outdoor recreation opportunities and an outstanding performing and visual arts center. Lake Cumberland is a point of destination for everyone to enjoy whether you enjoy water sports, fishing or simply relaxing in a secluded cove enjoying the scenery from your houseboat. Our population is 2,571, and we are located in Western Kentucky just off the Natcher Parkway on the Rough River, which is a wonderful resource for canoeing fun. Municipal Planning Section Russell Neal, 502-782-7026 The Municipal Planning Section of the Water Infrastructure Branch is responsible for review and approval of Regional Facility Plans and Asset Inventory Reports for regional wastewater utilities, as required by 401 KAR 5:006. Kentucky County Formation Chart; County Courthouse Disasters in Kentucky; Indexes to Kentucky Births, Marriages, and Deaths - DVD (1911-1999) List of Professional Researchers; Friends of Kentucky Public Archives, Inc. State Employees . Our goal is to provide friendly and courteous service, and to make it easier for you to do business with the county clerk's office. Nestled among the hills and valleys of western Kentucky’s coal field region lies Muhlenberg County. Butler County has small town charm and is within a short drive to several larger cities. Members of Fiscal Court are elected on a four year term. Accounts are only available to KLC member cities, insurance customers, and existing business partners. Tradition holds that Federal Hill, owned by Senator John Rowan, inspired songwriter Stephen Foster, who was a cousin of Senator Rowan, to write My Old Kentucky Home  after a visit to the plantation in 1852. Sheriff Peoples term of service will begin in January and will preside over association meetings, chair committees, meet and work with legislators over issues that affect law enforcement across the Commonwealth and issues specific to the Office of Sheriff. Citizens and residents find elected officials and links to additional county services. Leslie County was formed in 1878. 41825; 1 (Northern Kentucky), Henry; Jefferson; Oldham; Trimble; Shelby; Warren; Bullitt; Spencer, Shelby county; 40003; 40065; 40022; 40067; 40076; 40066Shelby, Shepherdsville Bullitt County Tourist and Convention Center, Silverleaf Sexual Trauma Recovery Services. It is located in the Eastern Coal Field region of the state. Bracken, Bracken County, 41002, 41004, 41061Bracken. The eighty-ninth county in order of creation, Breathitt County covers an area of 494 square miles and is bordered by Lee, Wolfe, Magoffin, Knott, Perry, and Owsley Counties. 41735; Circuit Court Clerks. As a municipally owned utility, we are proud to serve our community by providing quality and reliable utility services at the most economical cost. Learn More, GRW is a Kentucky based employee- owned firm offering multidiscipline engineering, architectural, and geospatial services. Carroll County is ideally located off Interstate 71 between Louisville, KY and Cincinnati, OH. The County Clerk's office is one with many responsibilities. 41838; LaRue County is known for its warmth and hospitality and its rural setting. 40591; There are many ways you can help secure Kentucky's vital services and make certain Kentuckians have a powerful voice in the future of their state. Hardinsburg is the county seat for Breckinridge County and is a small rural community. Madison County is one of the fastest growing areas in Kentucky. 41855; 40536; Jefferson. It was named for Nathaniel Wolfe, a member of the legislative assembly. Accounts are only available to KLC member cities, insurance customers, and existing business partners. 1794) and is Kentucky's nineteenth county in order of formation. Jefferson. 41512; Nicholas County is located on the northeastern edge of the Inner Bluegrass region of Kentucky and is an easy two-hour drive from Louisville or Cincinnati. We started as a railroad town and even though the trains are not so many any more and not dependent on the coal tipple, our railroad will always be the “Main Line” to the ones who remember when. Investment Pool The Kentucky League of Cities Investment Pool (KLCIP) provides local governments with investment options including … Contact information for the Kentucky governor and key state agencies. Division of Planning Directory ADD Transportation Planning Directory ‭(Hidden)‬ Content Editor ‭[2]‬ This page is maintained by , who may be contacted to make corrections or changes. Stanford got its name after Benjamin Logan, who along with other early settlers, repeatedly and successfully fought off Indian attacks. Laurel County, being a host county, has a primary function to assist citizens who may deployed to their county in the event of an accident at the Depot. 40862; Campbell County Consolidated Dispatching Board. Carroll, 41045, 41008, 41098, 41083Carroll. Taylorsville is the county seat of Spencer County, Kentucky. Below is a directory of court locations in Lyon County. Field Operations Branch The Field Operations Branch includes one central office and ten regional offices. Leitchfield is the county seat for Grayson County, Kentucky. Circuit Court. Welcome to the official Taylor County Government website. The LII Lawyer Directory contains lawyers who have claimed their profiles and are actively seeking clients. The 6th day of June the commissioners met at the home of Mayor James Clark, near Spout Spring. 41534; Our Deed Room offers services such as legal document recordings including deeds, mortgages, liens, and marriage licenses. 41702; Kentucky does have a Surplus Lines Association. Live A Healthy Lifestyle. Couples apply for marriage licenses. Scott County was formed in 1792. A large flat boat landing and warehouses were built near the Rolling Fork River. The county is named for Benjamin Logan, who had been second in command of the Kentucky militia during the Revolutionary War and was a leader in the efforts to make Kentucky a state.[. The citizens of Inez are proud of their rich heritage and strive to preserve its history while eagerly embracing opportunities for the future. Municipal Directory. The City of Milton is located in Trimble County along the Ohio River. The Kentucky Department of Insurance regulates the Commonwealth's insurance market, licenses agents and other insurance professionals, monitors the financial condition of companies, educates consumers to make wise choices, and ensures Kentuckians are treated fairly in the marketplace. Court of Appeals. 41554; 41513; We are responsible for motor vehicle licensing, voter registration, elections, recording all land records, issuing of marriage licenses, notary bonds and processing delinquent real estate taxes. Notice: Beginning July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021 the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet are participating in a DBE Exchange. COVID-19 Match Program & Info Center Learn More. Report Something to Us! It has exclusive jurisdiction to hear cases involving ordinance violations, and parking violations. 40598; Our county is united as never before in its effort to improve our quality of life, provide opportunities to our young people to remain here and be part of a vibrant, healthy, prosperous community. Clay County; Clay; 40941; 40944; 40914; 40932; 40962; 40972; 40983; 40951Clay, Clinton county; Clinton; 42602; 42603Clinton, Comprehend Inc. Laurel County, the 80th county to be organized in Kentucky, was established by an act of the general assembly, December 21, 1825, from parts of Rockcastle, Clay, Knox and Whitley Counties. 41563; Family Court. Letcher, Lewis county; vanceburg; 41179; 41166; 41189; 41135; 41141; 41135Lewis. Breathitt, Breathitt County, 41307, 41310, 41217, 41366, 41385, 41390Breathitt. Greenup County, Kentucky Public Records Directory - Quickly find public record sources in the largest human edited public record directory. Somerset-Pulaski County Convention and Visitors' Bureau. We offer many services in our office including vehicle tag renewals, title transfers, vehicle registrations, and many more motor vehicle transactions. 40943; The City of Versailles Ky, in Uniquely Woodford County, is a great place to live, learn, work and invest. KMUA takes pride in providing low-cost, efficient and reliable service to customers in cities throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Oakland enjoyed its greatest prosperity as the major strawberry producing area of Kentucky from 1915 to 1950. 40577Fayette, fayette county clerk; fayette county licensesFayette, Fleming county; 41039; 41037; 41049; 41041; 41081; 41093; 41065Fleming. Martin County Kentucky Court Directory. The Kentucky General Assembly Welcome to the new website for the Kentucky General Assembly and the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission (LRC). Associate members show support for and participate in KMUA activities. The LII Lawyer Directory contains lawyers who have claimed their profiles and are actively seeking clients. Nolin Lake, which we share with Edmonson and Hart Counties to the South and Rough River Lake, which we share with Breckinridge County to the North. File Your Current Year Return Electronically KY File allows everyone to file for free - no income limits! History has left tracks in Harrison County beginning with Revolutionary Col. Benjamin Harrison (for whom the county was named). 41739; If you want to travel the backroads of Kentucky and get the flavor of the Commonwealth, there is no better place to start than historic Brandenburg! Boil Water Advisory has been issued for Commerce St, Montgomery Way, Shannon Dr, Hightower Rd and Brenda Ave … A downtown makeover has made this river city a nice place to live and work. Looking for local information? Cumberland Trace which goes to Nashville and turns into the Natchez Trace, began at Logan’s Fort. The official site of the City of Lexington provides quick and easy access to information about the agencies, programs and services available.

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