Aoyama gives new meaning to the term “navel gazing.” And let’s be clear, he wants you to gaze at him. But such a bubbly personality would never resort to evil, right? Oh god, that sounds like something he’d say. After enrolling in a prestigious super hero school, he embarks on a journey to become a powerful hero and symbol of peace. When the students at UA had to choose a hero name, she chose Froppy. Sure, Recovery Girl’s ability to heal almost any wound isn’t as flashy as super strength, but without her, My Hero Academia would be about five episodes long before Midoriya and company became pink goo thrown against the side of a building. Kurogiri is basically the evil version of Ted Dansen from Cheers. Kaminari is like that one good buddy in high school who never gave up flirting above his payload, inspiring other idiots to embrace their true selves. Izuku Midoriya 23. My Hero Academia Main Character Index U.A. More Filters (1) gender. All Might’s true, gauntly form reminds us that there can be a hero inside us all, even if we doubt our own strength. Kirishima is more than just wallpaper, he’s a sweetheart. For anyone who’s ever been in an awful rock band during high school, Jiro is the number one girl in the entire My Hero Academia universe. Himiko might just come across as another “crazy ex-girlfriend” stereotype, but there’s an underlying sense of malice and bloodlust there that’s just as threatening as a villain like Shigaraki. She’s incredibly tough but vulnerable enough to apologize to her friends. Being invisible, it’s not like any of us. favorite lovable idiots, only occasionally by choice. Despite being one of the most modest and bashful characters in class 1-A, her outfit basically relies on her exposing her chest to everyone whenever she needs to create something from the materials stored inside her. My Hero Academia is the smash hit anime of the 2017. Another quiz that I wanted to get done sooner. Tenya Iida 8. The hero killer Stain made a big impact in My Hero Academia, both on the readers and the characters. He’s not fighting to be the ninja president, he’s not really looking to prove anyone wrong, he’s just looking to constantly do the right thing for everybody. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. His Quirk, or power, allows him to dispense a thick tape from both of his elbows, useful for wrapping and tying people or objects up. Count me in as one of the true believers that Toru Hagakure is secretly the hero behind all of My Hero Academia’s triumphs. Mina is a student UA attending in order to become a professional hero. The Meanings of Kanji Name: Bakugou Katsuki. His Quirk, or power, allows him to harden any part of his body to extreme levels. Hanta is a student at UA attending in hopes of becoming a professional hero. Ochako Uraraka 5. We’re just hoping she doesn’t use it on us. He is known as the symbol of peace. His Quirk, or power, allows him to amplify his voice to create really high-pitched sounds. My Hero Academia Wiki Shihai Kuroiro 5. How do you make a hero with super speed unique? MoreMost Popular Characters 1 Lamperouge, Lelouch; 2 Lawliet, L; 3 Levi; 4 Monkey D., Luffy; 5 Yagami, Light She’s incredibly tough but vulnerable enough to apologize to her friends. STUDENTS Class 1-A 1. He passed on his quirk to Izuku Midoriya and Is helping him to become the greatest hero on earth. 1 hero. Recent Changes; Random page; Community; Videos; Images; Discuss. This is a simple 10 question quiz! Check. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Every viewer has their own favorite character from My Hero Academia. Neito Monoma 2. Her Quirk, or power, gives her certain attributes of a frog, such as hopping far distances, sticking to walls, the ability to extend her tongue out 20 meters, and she can even eject her stomach and secrete a slightly toxic liquid. That he can be an honestly good buddy to Mina and Kyoka is a point in his favor. If I’m being honest, there’s been far too many times I wish I had another hand, eyeball, or ear. That’s special in a show that has to move at a breakneck speed. Joseph Knoop is a gaming writer for Daily Dot, a native Chicagoan, and a slave to all things Overwatch. He has a quirk that is called One-For-All, which enhances the ability of striking strength. 爆豪 勝己 This is how his name looks like in Japanese kanji. usage Close. When the students at UA had to choose a hero name, he chose Red Riot. He is the product of a Quirk marriage between his father and a woman with an ice Quirk. It says something that 99 percent of MHA’s villains still love All Might, they just hate the hero society that’s been built up around him. Tsuyu is the kind of girl you’re not quite sure about at the beginning of the school year, but who eventually grows to be your best friend. Shoto Todoroki 4. All Characters in My Hero Academia . This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Who wouldn’t want to get super strong by eating HoneyBun cakes and pie? A page for describing Characters: My Hero Academia - League of Villains. Fumikage is a student at UA attending in the hopes of becoming a professional hero. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but something tells me that even Snape would quiver before Eraser Head’s icy, dry-eyed gaze. When you get down to it, Bakugo is no different than Midoriya, he just chooses a very different road to heroism. Of course, a … Both series are comedies that involve organizations of heroes with unique, sometimes strange, abilities, costumes, and names. Rather than inspiring others to act as heroes for the sake of being heroes, All For One is just here to take what he wants, damn the consequences for those involved. Whatever her mind is focused on, Uraraka can be relied upon to bring a sense of cheer to what could easily have been a darker world. Using some of the characters from this class, we’ve put together a personality quiz you’re sure to love. This doesn’t just mean bouncing off Bakugo’s fiery attitude, but also calling it out from time to time. Kouji Kouda 19. There’s no doubt Midnight has no problem, ahem, whipping students into shape. Characters. My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hīrō Akademia, is a manga and anime series about a young boy, Izuku Midoriya, who dreams of becoming a superhero in a world filled with people with superpowers. Sen Kaibara 7. Itsuka Kendo 3. That’s not to say he isn’t lovable, such as when he becomes deathly embarrassed at having the girls check out his incredibly goth dorm room. It says something that our dear old Froppy skyrocketed to popularity so quickly that she was the first character in My Hero Academia to get her own side episode, not to mention a fair bit of cosplay and merchandise. the earbud. Momo Yaoyorozu 9. Despite having the head of a crow and the body of a normal teenage boy (seriously, what are they feeding these kids? Staff 1.2 U.A. Midoriya isn’t just an anime character, he’s someone to aspire to be. Katsuki Bakugo. There are about 9-10 different quirks that could appear! My Hero Academia isn’t afraid to focus on the side characters for extended periods of time, making you completely forget about whatever it is the main cast may be up to. 2 hero, Endeavor. That’s why, their names are very abnormal. So...basically there's 23 people in this quiz. Slick, yet casual outfit? Dec 15, 2019 - Explore Editorial Entertainment's board "My hero academia fan made characters" on Pinterest. Whatever ninja clan this guy works for, I want in. Himiko Toga. The strength of Dark Shadow depends on the amount of sunlight present; the less sunlight, the stronger Dark Shadow gets, and vice versa. That’s why, ahead of the My Hero Academia movie, we’ve ranked all the major characters from worst to best. Oh god, that sounds like something he’d say. You’re not the only one who can sing a Hawthorne Heights song from memory. RELATED: My Hero Academia: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Class 1-A. Sure, Kirishima might look like one of anime’s most generic boys, and his quirk may sound like a Pokemon move, but he’s been one My Hero Academia’s warmest characters since the beginning. Izuku Midoriya is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia. Koda may look like a Dragon Ball reject, but the dude has charm. A big fan of the Hero Killer: Stain who becomes a member of the League Of Villains after hearing about Stain's connections with the group. Uravity) is a hero in training, and Izuku Midoriya's closest friend and crush. Momo is a most delicate flower. One half of the heart and soul of My Hero Academia, Midoriya is basically the perfect shonen hero. Also known as Yagi Toshinori. Have fun~ She can also use the jacks themselves as whips or plug them into her boots for aim them in a certain direction. Kirishima is more than just wallpaper, he’s a sweetheart. In My Hero Academia there aren't as many characters in Class 1-A that are as intelligent or rigid with rules as class president Tenya Iida is. 190 images (& sounds) of the My Hero Academia cast of characters. Aizawa is one of the characters who seemingly have a confusing age range. We saw this finally acknowledged as Izuku and company rescued Bakugo, where Izuku asked Kirishima to be the one to call out to Bakugo since the two had slowly developed a solid friendship over the course of the series. Fans know he is an adult, as he is the teacher of Class 1-A. Her Quirk, or power, is called Creation and allows her to create any non-living organic item from her body, as long as she knows how its made molecularly. He co-founded the college geek culture outlet ByteBSU, then interned at Game Informer, and now writes for a bunch websites his parents have never heard of. DB. Izuku Midoriya. He can’t stop flirting with anything that walks on two legs and has a borderline fetish for sparkles, but he’s also been the source of some of MHA’s best jokes, as well as forcing Uraraka to confront her feelings about Izuku. Denki Kaminari 14. Check. He is later given a quirk by his idol and the number 1 hero, All Might after proving himself as a his successor. send you an email once approved. Quirk: Auditioning for the Bride of Frankenstein. My Hero Academia (Japanese: 僕のヒーローアカデミア, Hepburn: Boku no Hīrō Akademia) is a Japanese superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi.It has been serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump since July 2014, with its chapters additionally collected into 29 tankōbon volumes as of January 2021. 13,063 takers. Top Rated Lists for Boku no Hero Academia. Dabi has proven himself a capable righthand man, even if that hand is liable to fall off due to leprosy. Count me in as one of the true believers that Toru Hagakure is secretly the hero behind all of, triumphs. Midoriya isn’t just an anime character, he’s someone to aspire to be. By Popularity; By Role; By Section; Chart; A-Z; FILTER. Mina is basically the best possible kind of party girl you could ever hope to have in school. Teachers can be annoying, but what if they were also basically a DJ? His superhero suit is mostly blue with accents of white and is an appearance that has a history and legacy with his family. Her true quirk will make that a lot more apparent for fans of the anime once it catches up to the manga, and it’s going to unsettle plenty of folks who already had personal space issues. Anime & Manga Anime Manga My Hero Academia All Might ... Report. 41. Twice a.k.a Jin Bubaigawara is a member of the League Of Villains who went insane after using his quirk and creating too many clones of himself that led to a violent battle between said clones. He received this quirk from a former hero named Nana Shimura. Shouto Todoroki is a student at U.A, high school training to be a hero. 2 hero in Japan, placing only behind All Might. Shoto Aizawa, known by his hero name of Eraserhead, is a professional hero and homeroom teacher at UA, a school for aspiring heroes. Mashirao Ojiro 18. She is also the Vice President of class 1-A. Uraraka is what would happen if you captured pure joy in a bottle and periodically just released it into the wild. 54. Kyoka Jirou 12. With her gravity-based powers, she plans to be a hero in order to provide her parents with an easier life. RELATED: 10 Pokemon Abilities That Are Overpowered Juzo Honenuki 6. All Boku No Hero Academia Characters Ranked from youngest to oldest. This is a list of names in which the categories include my hero academia characters. 1 U.A. His Quirk, or power, uses the sweat from his palms to create explosions. Kosei Tsubu… That’s the power of diabetes, friends. Oh well.....This quiz only features 3 of the teachers and everyone in classroom 1-A. Of course, a killer anime show is nothing without a cast that’s both endearing, affecting, and downright cool. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. His quirk is called One For All. This is a kids show, for god’s sake. Momo Yaoyorozu. Quirk: Never getting her headphones tangled. Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance. Kaminari is like that one good buddy in high school who never gave up flirting above his payload, inspiring other idiots to embrace their true selves. Her quirk is called Acid. Izuku Midoriya 2. His Quirk, or power, is called Dark Shadow. Bakugo is like an All Caps key come to life. Six thumbs up, Shoji. He is very hot-headed and believes that he can be the best hero ever. Quirk: Creation, an inexplicable lack of clothing. Of the 106616 characters on Anime Characters Database, 133 are from the anime My Hero Academia. I’ll show myself out. He may be a walking Visine commercial, but this dad definitely sheds a tear for his greatest kids. Denki is a student at UA attending in the hopes of becoming a professional hero. Two, his Sugar Rush quirk is basically every child’s fantasy. Uraraka is also a stark reminder that it’s not necessarily a character fault if a hero is motivated by money, as seen in her more vulnerable moments when she reveals her parents’ financial misery. Present Mic seems like a good dude, but one who couldn’t hold a conversation without asking people around him to “feel the rhythm.”. With headphone jacks extending from her ears, she never has to worry about losing her earbuds because she. Eraser isn’t above threatening his students with immediate expulsion, but it’s this cold demeanor that makes the moments he does take pride all the more sweet, and takes the enemy schools by surprise. He also has one of the more hilarious quirks, exploding with electrical power which immediately fries his brain into drool. He’s a deliberate homage to everything weird (and sometimes just wrong) with 90’s comics: The excessive amount of knives, the flat face defined by to eye slits, and enough flowing scarf fabric to shame a Hobby Lobby. He’s there to listen to your problems, serve you a stiff drink, and maybe pull you away from your troubles via a dimensional black hole.

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