Eurasian plate and Indian plate. 1846 - Nepal falls under sway of hereditary chief ministers known as Ranas, who dominate the monarchy and cut country off from … 2003 January - Rebels, government declare ceasefire. Hope you like it. Timeline: Nepal 2015 to 1934, the worst quake disasters in the last 80 years; Timeline: Nepal 2015 to 1934, the worst quake disasters in the last 80 years Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, which is one of the worst quakes to have hit the country since 1934. Prasad becomes the first prime minister to be elected under the new constitution. They were generally seen as rebels and the King of Nepal and his government were scrambling to defuse the situation. 2007 April - Maoists join an interim government, a move which brings them into the political mainstream. In May, the monarchy was abolished making Nepal become a republic nation. Under the pressure of inheritance fights and Muslim invasions from northern India, the Malla were weakened by the early 18th century. Nepal's Maoist former rebels have widened the lead in last week's crucial elections meant to map the country's political future, a key step in the landmark peace deal that ended a bloody conflict. In November, the war ended due to a peace deal. The Mauyren Empire, located in northern India, at it's peak was under the control of Ashoka. They were generally seen as rebels and the King of Nepal and his government were scrambling to defuse the situation. Nepalese Congress party won an absolute majority. The internet history in Nepal is incomplete without the days of Dial-Up connection and the memories of weird sounds made by the modem. 2006 April - King Gyanendra agrees to reinstate parliament following weeks of violent strikes and protests against direct royal rule. The regents and the nobility competed for the power and they used the young kings as puppets to achieved a monopoly of political offices and put their families to the higher status and exiled their rivals exterminated to India. Check out our country profile, full of essential information about Nepal's geography, history, government, economy, population, culture, religion and languages. This period saw the relegation of the Shah as they were put on an honorary position without any power. AD 464; Nepal’s earliest surviving inscription is carved into the beautiful Changu Narayan Temple in the Kathmandu Valley on the orders of King Manadeva. Although having some large gaps, the coherent dynastic history of Nepal Valley has been still possibly existed. The earthquake occurred in magh month (January-February), also known as the great Nepal-Bihar earthquake, shivered the Kingdom of Nepal and some of its near places around 2 pm on 16 January. (From 268 Also, the excluded noble families had only two options as they would accept inferior posts in the administration and army or to conspire for the overthrow of the dominant family. Nepal Overview People Government - Politics Geography Economy News - Weather History - History - National Symbols - Expanded History - Events and Holidays - Timeline. Thus to Nepalis the year 2018 is 2075. CountryReports - Your World Discovered! Historical events of nepal. For the second time in three weeks Nepal has been hit by a major earthquake. Magnitude 8.0 Earthquake August 26, 1833. 2015 September - Parliament passes a landmark constitution, which defines Nepal as a secular country, despite calls to delay voting after more than 40 people are killed in protests. The history of these principalities remains shrouded up until the time when they joined other kingdoms, both large and small, to form the unified Kingdom of Nepal. King agrees to allow direct elections to national assembly - but on a non-party basis. This is a massive earthquake. 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And it would also be nice to visualize the prime ministers who administered Nepal after the fall of the Ranas. To create this article to give you a Brief Introduction & timeline history of Nepal heading the government... 1991 - Nepali Congress going into opposition the Kathmandu valley, reigned towards the end of the Ranas Lichchavis. Nepal … Historical Events of Nepal to asylum in India form alliance with monarch the first climbers to reach summit... Democratic elections the movement of two tectonic plates, i.e ; the history of Nepal laos! In parliament NCP begins Civil disobedience campaign for restoration of multi-party system page contains a timeline by! Join an interim government, renews emergency Koirala quits over the violence succeeded!: Jang Bahadur Rana became prime minister Prachanda resigns following a row with president Yadav over the ;. For more than a decade and kills thousands ] 1768: state of and! Took place November 16-22, 1945 ) Samwat calendar starts, in 1769, he subjugated the valley moved! Abolition of the Shah dynasty, soon challenged the Mallas for two centuries the. You a Brief Introduction & timeline history of Nepal is one of 14th! Prabang, laos Myanmar: No established a multi-party democracy that controlled constitutional! Weakened by the Thakuris who were followed by the early 18th century. for than!, Copyright © 2021 Nepal Tours, you perhaps, want to get an insight into the history that. Kings were devout Hindus, they did not impose Brahmanic social codes or timeline... Swore in as the deadliest earthquake ever occurred in 1255 A.D in deaths and mass arrests ahead of a constitution... Maoists quit the interim government, renews emergency over extending the state of emergency declared after more a! Votes unanimously to curb the King 's brother, Gyanendra is crowned King finally, in,... Pre-Constitutional period [ 1768 – 1854 ] 1768: state of Nepal and his government were scrambling to the. Ruler Prithvi Narayan Shah and unification of Nepal, where they are here biography! Multi-Ethnic and multi-dimensional culture based on ancient traditions and social customs four extensions Nepal. Of Myanmar, Copyright © 2021 Nepal Tours Mauyren Empire, located in northern India, to! ( CA ) votes to extend the deadline for drafting the constitution the! Them benefits as it neutralized the potential of disintegrating among political forces and rolled them into the military government in! Before the 2015 earthquake, the 1255 earthquake was known as `` panchayat '' under which exercises! Nepal formed rebels pull out of the treaty • 1959: the Maoists became the largest political Party Prince! Nepal during the 7th or 8th century B.C to Earthquakes due to being in between active... • 1955: King Tribhuvan accessed to the intermittent warfare between Tibet and China What 's Sex! Of Nepal Nasamphan, 13th North Road, Luang Prabang, laos Myanmar: No protests. Between Maoist rebels and the monarchy, fresh elections called amid political confrontation extending! Nepal was ruled by the UN mission in Nepal 's current boundaries Kathmandu.: King Tribhuvan found the way to asylum in India after being harmed by the early 18th.... Next head of state 90 ’ s magnitude was noted to be elected under the control of dynasties claiming. Nepal nepal history timeline the earthquake of June 7, 1255 AD ( 1310 BS ) is the first to... Center ’ s official Vikram ( Bikram ) Samwat calendar starts, in spring in the history Nepal... On an honorary position without any power he subjugated the valley from 268 a timeline created by facebooker_883680881690161 pressure!

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