The letter lay unopened in the travel firm's pigeonhole. How do you use pigeonhole in a sentence? Pigeon hole problems. simple past tense and past participle of pigeonhole. Submit a new entry. pigeonholers in a sentence - Use "pigeonholers" in a sentence 1. 2. ENGLISH DICTIONARY; SYNONYMS; TRANSLATE; GRAMMAR . pigeonhole definition: 1. one of a set of small boxes, open at the front, in which letters and messages are left for…. Her need to control, to be in charge of every situation, to pigeonhole, is pathological -- always has been. The pigeonhole list of example sentences with pigeonhole. synonyms. Another word for pigeonholed. sentence examples. 3. verb transitive Word forms: ˈpigeonˌholed or ˈpigeonˌholing. See more. click for more sentences … The elderly woman stored her coins in a small in a pigeonhole instead of a large compartment. 1. place into a small compartment 2. treat or classify according to a mental stereotype Well, against being bundled into that convenient pigeonhole at least. Don't let the origin and natural look of bamboo pigeonhole you into creating a themed interior. Leave the report in my pigeonhole when you've read it. (ˈpɪdʒənˌhoʊl ) noun. How to use pigeonhole in a sentence. 3. She was so tall she could easily do a Pigeon Hole with out a ladder.. Annoyed driver: That damn Pigeon Hole just cut me off! opposite meaning. pigeonhole given in the next line of code. As long as you pigeonhole what you learn: you are not learning effectively. 2. 7. What does pigeonhole mean? 1. a small recess or hole for pigeons to nest in, usually in a compartmented structure. How to use Pigeonhole in a sentence as a noun. Short & Simple Example Sentence For Pigeonholed | Pigeonholed Sentence. Translations for „pigeonhole“ in the English » German Dictionary (Go to German » English) ... Would you like to translate a full sentence? Tell Inspector Patterson that the papers which he needs to convict the gang are in pigeonhole … pigeonhole synonyms, pigeonhole pronunciation, pigeonhole translation, English dictionary definition of pigeonhole. 2. • PIGEONHOLE (noun) The noun PIGEONHOLE has 2 senses:. Traducir pigeonhole de Inglés a español. More example sentences. And while that may infuriate chronic pigeonholers, it's also part of " Ten "'s beauty it may be a mere stepping stone to something more defined in the bigger picture, but there's an unpredictability and a talent on display that implies she knows exactly where she's going . Examples of 'pigeonhole' in a sentencepigeonhole. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB We shall find a corner for you and your cousin—if only a pigeonhole. Translations of the word PIGEONHOLE from english to italian and examples of the use of "PIGEONHOLE" in a sentence with their translations: There's a note in your pigeonhole . (noun) In reference to the pigeonhole principle, two of the words must start with the same letter. 3. 5 He pigeonholes the request for a new park. A specific, often oversimplified category. It is built upon the pigeon-hole principle as high as the ground level a, a, and above that in 9-in. The committee may pigeonhole it and not report it, or may report it too late for action by the body. Learn more. The movie proves again that you ca n't pigeonhole Spielberg into one genre or even one type of movie. 2 He felt they had pigeonholed him. It habitually pigeonholed all real grievances submitted to it. Define pigeonhole. We find words such as ‘sequence, start, same, and sentences’ all start with a common letter. Rebecca a pigeon with no ‘The ladder structure and the thousands of pigeonholes lining the inside are an amazing sight.’. pigeonhole in a sentence - Use "pigeonhole" in a sentence 1. Use our text translation. pigeonhole people, with its progress toward a world culture. There really isn't any genre to pigeonhole Costello in. Examples of Pigeonhole in a sentence.

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