The sheath has come out of the bag slightly, but the knife is still fully covered. $301.99. Custom maker Gayle Bradley brought his experience to Spyderco for this knife to come to life. Copyright 2016 Tactical Reviews . I have to say, the knife has my endorsement too. Key aspects such as the primary bevel angle, grind type, blade depth, blade thickness, length, weight are detailed, along with balance information. Once positioned on a belt it will not easily come off again. This page works best with JavaScript. Reviews | Get price alerts. The ‘Balance relative to the front of the handle’ tells you if the knife will feel front heavy, or if the weight is in your hand (a positive value means the weight is forward of the front of the handle). Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. In contrast to the black Boltaron and rivets, the belt clip fixings are silver coloured. This is absolutely confirmed by the feel in the hand; it really does work as well as it looks like it will. Last Updated: August 5, 2019 The original Southard Flipper was a landmark knife for the Spyderco. The Spyderco Bradley Bowie knife was built to encapsulate the spirit of a Bowie knife in the body of a modern fixed blade utility knife. Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2020 I own this knife, it has a pretty descent amount of carbon steel in it so it’s tough as nails, but you can’t be an idiot and never ever oil the knife. Based on a custom design that he developed for an avid outdoorsman and elk hunter, the Bradley Bowie is an all-purpose outdoor utility knife optimized for hunting-related chores and field dressing game. Mainly due to the choice of steel, there are a few layers of protection for the blade. Specifications. The PSF27 steel specification is engraved under Spyderco’s name. As is often the case with the type of sheath used here, the retention is pretty stiff, and the knife doesn’t easily come out. Detail. Just take in that full flat grind and long sloping swedge. That is what you do with carbon steels. I own this knife, it has a pretty descent amount of carbon steel in it so it’s tough as nails, but you can’t be an idiot and never ever oil the knife. Plain sharp edge; 9.93 inches overall length That said, it is nice to know there is a great deal of strength in reserve, especially if you choose this as a survival knife or for military applications. In the sample received here, the edges of the Boltaron had sharp corners from the final shaping and these were catching on the knife, especially on re-sheathing the knife. Reviews. The BESS Exchange – A forum discussing technical aspects of sharpness and truly understanding your sharpening process. See all details for Spyderco Bradley Bowie Fixed Blade Knife with 5.13" PSF27 Stainless... © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Spyderco Bradley Bowie Plain Edge Knife FB33GP Blade Length: 130, Overall Length: 252, 45% Off w/ Free Shipping 5.0 rating with 1 review review & rate 0 Questions & 0 Answers That is what you do with carbon steels. A chart showing where on the BESS scale a blade is. Back. Spyderco Bradley Bowie FB33GP. A careful trim of those edges smoothed out the sheathing and unsheathing, so though not strictly necessary, it did improve the feel. Even wet or sweaty, there is plenty of grip despite its smoothness, in fact the least amount of grip I found is with a completely clean and dry hand. The discontinued Spyderco Bradley Bowie is a versatile fixed blade knife. It has a PSF27 tool steel blade with full-flat grinds and swedge. PSF27’s alloy composition includes molybdenum, vanadium and a generous 1.55% carbon, but because its chromium content is 12%—just below the official threshold for stainless steel—care should be taken to maintain it properly. The ‘Balance relative to the centre of the handle’ indicates how close to a ‘neutral balance’ the knife has in the hand. The Bradley Bowie includes a molded Boltaron sheath with G-Clip attachment. We are going to have a look round the sheath first. Eight holes in the outside of the belt clip correspond to all the possible fixing holes that can be used to fit this belt clip to a sheath. Reviewed in the United States on August 6, 2020. Start as you mean to go on, an, New review posted of this trio of @heinniehaynes S, The special limited edition LKU01LP designed by @m, One feature of the @leathermantools Raptor I did n, December 4th was the official release date for "Th, CandlePowerForums – Knife Reviews Section, Light Review: Streamlight Super Siege Lantern, Knife Review: Heinnie Special Editions – CRKT Pilar, MKM Isonzo and Penfold, Knife Showcase: Lajolo Knife Urban 01 LP “La Prima” Limited run of 300, Light Review: Fenix E03R, E28R and E35 V3.0, Gear Review: Wisport Sparrow 16 and 20 Rucksacks, CLASSIC Knife Review: Spyderco Schempp Bowie, Gear Review: Wiley X Captivate Lenses (Models shown – Contend, Peak and Breach). Spyderco Bradley Bowie. It has got to be one of the best feeling handles I’ve come across, and you don’t want to put it down. You can unscrew the Torx screws to remove and reposition the belt clip. I’m hoping this steel proves more stain resistant that its composition might suggest. The Bradley Bowie is the application of that knowledge in the form of a versatile fixed blade knife. 1 review(s) SKU: SPFB33GP. Many knives have specific purposes and their design reflects the requirements of those; the Bradley Bowie manages to make itself a truly general purpose knife, just as happy preparing camp food, dressing game, battoning wood, or on manoeuvres carried by service personnel. Average rating. Near the tip of the knife is a drainage hole. This product is no longer available. customers, Spyderco is proud to announce our first fixed-blade collaboration with Gayle—the Bradley Bowie. The Bradley Bowie’s blade is precision ground from PSF27—an incredibly tough spray-formed tool steel. What I can’t confirm if is this is due to a quantity of dust left inside the sheath, or if the blade is rubbing off the inside of the sheath. Read my review to find out why it's a great EDC knife. All Rights Reserved. Sheath can be configured for right or left handed use. Handmade quality at a fraction of the price. Gayle Bradley’s experiences as a custom knifemaker and competitive cutting champion give him an exceptional insight into high-performance knife design - an insight that is directly reflected in his first fixed-blade collaboration with Spyderco, the Bradley Bowie. It has definitely been wet, cut damp materials and covered in corrosive finger prints and so far hasn’t become marked. I’ve noticed that consistently the sheath is depositing black plastic on the knife every time it is sheathed and unsheathed. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Check out all reviews Check out all reviews. The handle’s gracefully contoured G-10 scales are 3-D machined and polished to an attractive finish that still ensures a secure grip during use. In the case of full convex grinds the approximate centre of the grind is used for the primary bevel angle estimate. Very easy to grip our on it for getting inside and around the gut sack. The Bradley Bowie is not the huge knife normally associated with the name, “Bowie.” Even so, it’s a great all-around, midsized blade that can handle multiple chores. Gayle Bradley’s experiences as a custom knifemaker and competitive cutting champion have given him an exceptional insight into high-performance knife design—an insight that is directly reflected in his first fixed-blade collaboration with Spyderco, the Bradley Bowie. This is up to Spyderco's high standards,fit and finish are flawless. The contoured polished G10 handle is very confortable in the hands. Spyderco ARK, Fixed Blade Knife, Silver, H-1, Black FB33GP. Only a small section of the handle edge next to the ricasso is not fully rounded. The Spyderco Gayle Bradley is one of my all time favorite folding knives. Knife Review: Spyderco Bradley Bowie Posted on 13 February, 2018 16 March, 2020 by Subwoofer It’s not something I’ve been able to properly define, but there are some knives that just look ‘right’ from the moment you first see them, and the Spyderco Bradley Bowie (designed by Gayle Bradley of course) is one of those. Using a set of gauges and precision measuring equipment including a Vernier protractor, callipers, fixed radius gauges and the unique Arc Master adjustable radius gauge (the one that looks like a crossbow).

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